When it comes to purchasing an additional machine for moving material and feed around the farm, most farmers consider purchasing a second tractor. To showcase the versatility and efficiency of a telehandler compared to a traditional front-end loader tractor, we delivered a JCB Series III LOADALL to a Southland dairy farmer and contractor to get their thoughts. View the full stories below.

Ard Amtink, LOADALL vs Tractor Challenge

“Its honestly chalk and cheese how much quicker the JCB was than the tractor”

To demonstrate the superior performance and speed of a JCB Series III LOADALL compared to a tractor, we put a LOADALL head to head in a timed challenge to compare both machines. Consisting of loading silage into a feed wagon, and 11 bales onto a transporter, the end result speaks for itself. Overall, the AGRI LOADALL completed both jobs twice as fast as the tractor. When considering time and labour costs, what could this amount to in annual savings for your business?

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Jeff Robinson, Three Rivers Contracting

“It’s great for doing jobs we can’t get a tractor to do”

Jeff Robinson of Three Rivers Contracting in Southland relies on his JCB SERIES III AGRI to speed up operations, both in the yard and out in the field. In fact, Jeff loves his JCB so much that we thought we’d drop off a brand spanking new JCB SERIES III AGRI SUPER, leave it with him for a day and return the next day to see if he would consider the benefits of having two JCB’s in his fleet. Already familiar with the efficiency, manoeuvrability and speed of his JCB LOADALL, Jeff was in no doubt how much his operation would benefit from having a second one.

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Anthony Goodwright, Goodwright Farms

“Really surprised how efficient it is; so much quicker than a tractor”

When it comes to purchasing an additional utility for moving feed around the farm, most farmers consider getting another tractor. Anthony Goodwright of Goodwright Farms in Southland was no exception.
We challenged him to see what he could do in a new JCB SERIES III. We dropped off a brand new JCB SERIES III AGRI SUPER to show him how much more efficient, versatile, manoeuvrable and fast the JCB is. With vast amounts of baleage across three family farms to load and stack, Anthony, a proficient operator in any machine, was easily convinced.

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